The Blog of Anders Nissen

lørdag, september 24, 2005

Quick Update

Been really busy with university life lately, hence the lack of updates.
I haven't had time to do geeky stuff, not even had time to get online. Well, as is usually the case when talking about time - or the lack of it - it's a matter of priority, and I've had a lot of things on my schedule, so the geek stuff had to go.
I've played a little around with Java, but only because we have to do assignments with it in our introductory programming course. I'm pretty bored with that course right now, as is much of my class, but it'll get more interesting next quarter when we move on to the more advanced programming course.

Updates will probably be few and far between, but what the heck; if they were to be as pointless as this one, it wouldn't matter anyway.

'till next time!

torsdag, september 15, 2005

Planet Rendering

... or "GameDev's new IOTD picture" or just "Wauw!".

What I'm talking about is this: An Earth-like planet as seen within the atmosphere of its moon. It's developed by a GameDev member called "Ysaneya" and is really breathtaking.

I would like to start doing some more 3D stuff, but time has been a rare thing lately. University's eating away most of my time, which is also the reason why it has been pretty quite here lately.