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onsdag, april 27, 2005

E3 Is Approaching

It's that time of the year once again. Time for games and people from the electronic gaming industry to get together for a few days in an orgy of new games, technologies, companies, accessories and PR. It's time for E3.

Yup, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is only a few weeks away, and already more than 1000 (!) game titles have been announced for display at the expo.
This is considering that indie developers and the like will hardly have the money to afford the very steep price for booking a booth.

Among those 1000+ titles, there's only a handful of Danish games and developers. Some of the larger developers such as IO Interactive (Hitman), ITE (Hugo), Deadline (Total Overdose [in production]) and possibly World Simulation Software (formerly MediaMobsters, creators of Gangland).

But there's also a much smaller company that I'll like to point out.
Here's something extremely impressive; two Danish old timers in the game industry have joined forces and created the Melbourne (Australia) based studio Third Wave Games and have in less than a year developed a beautiful Mech-type game called War World from scratch - including the engine!!
Take a look at the screen shots from the homepage of the game - they're looking really good.

Another impressive piece of work that'll be showed off at E3 is called Metronome.
It is developed by Sweden based indie developer GameSport, and is using the extremely impressive commercial indie game engine Reality Engine. Taking advantage of the engine's many graphical abilities, among those a large number of postprocessing features, the game is presented very stylish and with a truly unique look.
Take a look at the screen shots at the games site to see what I mean. Or you can wait until E3.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the new innovative titles at E3 and getting blown away by new technologies and hardware.
How about you?

søndag, april 17, 2005

Doxygen Documentation

Inspired by this flipCode article I decided to take a closer look at the very popular source code documentation tool Doxygen.

I spend most of yesterday messing around with Doxygen, setting up the configuration, testing the possibilities and doing some experimenting.
It is a truly great tool for getting a great looking and extremely useful documentation with painlessly and with minimal effort.

Need documentation in your projects? Doxygen is the way to go!

Doxygen is definitely going to be an integrated part of every one of my projects from now on - starting with my particle system editor.

Doxygen website:

mandag, april 11, 2005

Particle Systems

Lately I've been fiddling with making a particle system in DirectX 9. In the process I've have made more memory leaks than I care to count, but I seem to have gotten everything pretty much under control now.

I think my work with particle systems will result in a GUI based point sprite particle system editor made with DirectX 9.0c and VSC++ .NET 2002.
More information on this project will follow.