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lørdag, december 29, 2007

Game portfolio

Hi again, it's been a long time :)

And I return primarily with just a memo to myself. Too bad :P

Anyway, I came to thinking that it's about time I started collecting some portfolio of all the countless game related projects I've been involved with. I would like to make a portfolio with some pictures, videos, project descriptions and technical descriptions for each project.

As a prelude to this, I'll try to make a list of the projects I can remember so as not to miss out any from the portfolio. Here goes!

- (ASP, full-blown "company" website) (not game related)
- AMISS (VB, 2D game)
- DBNetwork (VB, network library)
- Metero Impact (VB, 2D game)
- Arch (.NET, text-based game framework)
- [2D C++ version of AMISS]
- WikiAdventure (C++, 2D game framework)
- Deserted Island (C++, 3D DirectX tech demo)
- Ignite (C++, 3D particle system editor)
- Simple Tile Engine (C++, 2D game engine)
- Questboard (Java, 2D mobile game)
- Slurm Commercial (3D Studio Max, modeling/animation)
- Mosquitos (C++, 3D cinema tech demo)
- Four Elements (C++, 3D tech demo)
- Primus (C++, 3D game engine)
- Rigid body editor (C++, 3D rigid body editor)

And quite possibly a lot that I've forgotten! I'll have to look through all my old stuff to find some dusty old projects. When that's done, I'll have to find some way of getting them to run to be able to snap some pictures and perhaps a movie or two, and compile all that into a fancy web page of sorts :)

I'll try to update the above list when I run into other projects, and post a link to the portfolio once I get it online. Until then, may the source be with you!