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lørdag, december 29, 2007

Game portfolio

Hi again, it's been a long time :)

And I return primarily with just a memo to myself. Too bad :P

Anyway, I came to thinking that it's about time I started collecting some portfolio of all the countless game related projects I've been involved with. I would like to make a portfolio with some pictures, videos, project descriptions and technical descriptions for each project.

As a prelude to this, I'll try to make a list of the projects I can remember so as not to miss out any from the portfolio. Here goes!

- (ASP, full-blown "company" website) (not game related)
- AMISS (VB, 2D game)
- DBNetwork (VB, network library)
- Metero Impact (VB, 2D game)
- Arch (.NET, text-based game framework)
- [2D C++ version of AMISS]
- WikiAdventure (C++, 2D game framework)
- Deserted Island (C++, 3D DirectX tech demo)
- Ignite (C++, 3D particle system editor)
- Simple Tile Engine (C++, 2D game engine)
- Questboard (Java, 2D mobile game)
- Slurm Commercial (3D Studio Max, modeling/animation)
- Mosquitos (C++, 3D cinema tech demo)
- Four Elements (C++, 3D tech demo)
- Primus (C++, 3D game engine)
- Rigid body editor (C++, 3D rigid body editor)

And quite possibly a lot that I've forgotten! I'll have to look through all my old stuff to find some dusty old projects. When that's done, I'll have to find some way of getting them to run to be able to snap some pictures and perhaps a movie or two, and compile all that into a fancy web page of sorts :)

I'll try to update the above list when I run into other projects, and post a link to the portfolio once I get it online. Until then, may the source be with you!

torsdag, april 13, 2006


... no, not yet.

I've just been busy with university and RealLife(TM).
I also haven't had much interesting to write about. And I don't want this to be a diary. Rather I'd want it to be a place to post about stuff I find interesting.

I've been experimenting a little with JMonkey Engine again, but I haven't got much spare time right now, so I probably won't do anything mayor before summer (if then). So, maybe it'll be a while before the next post. Who knows, maybe it won't. :)

Take care.

torsdag, februar 23, 2006

Misc. Personal

Some things that have happened lately.

- I had a wisdom tooth pulled.
The surgery for doing that is as follows. First the flesh surrounding the tooth is sliced so the tooth is free and visible. Then the tooth is split in half, and removed with a plier. Last the wound is stiched together.

Apparently there were some complications however. My dentist was unable to split the tooth in half, and so she removed a little of my jaw in order to be able to remove the tooth with a plier.
After well over a day had passed after the surgery without any real pain I thought I had been lucky and got trough it easy, but I soon found out that I was wrong. Apparently the anesthesia started wearing off by then (after more than a day, it was supposed to last only a few hours! Although I did get 5 (!) shots of it, so I guess it isn't any wonder). So I had some days with quite a considerable amount of pain and suffering.
However, that's long gone, and the wound has healed nicely. It's almost closed by now (surgery was the 6th of February).

- I've volunteered as a "tutor" at university.
This basically means that I'll be tutoring the new students starting at university next year in the ways of university-life etc.. It also includes a whole lot of fun, partying, beers and nudity. As I said; university-life :P

- I'm moving... to campus!
That's right, I'm moving into the only campus area in Denmark - Aarhus University! I'll have roughly 250 meters to my courses at university, and 600 meters to the computer science institute (we probably won't be there much before about two years).
Here's a map of the university with my most important locations marked.
Free Image Hosting at
My new place is the red pin, mathematical institute is orange and the computer science institute is the green pin.

The place's mine from March 1st :)

Calculus 2 Passed!

The results from the Calculus 2 exam on 27th January is in!

Without further ado:

{ 00 03 05 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 }

Nice! :)

mandag, januar 30, 2006

Angry At Incompetent People With Power!

No, I'm not talking about George Bush. I'm talking about something far more important; namely why the Danish computer game hit-series Hitman didn't make it into the "kulturkanon"! The "kulturkanon" is a recently compiled collection of the most interesting cultural aspects of Denmark.

The government had appointed this task to a number of expert groups on different fields, each of which had to find a twelve items to the "kulturkanon".
Among other things, the design group discussed multimedia designs and had decided that at least one multimedia item would be among the twelve finally chosen items. The main choice for this item was Hitman.

Here's a translated quote from the discussion about whether or not to include the game Hitman in the "kulturkanon". Merete is the leader of the design expert group and Ursula is a ceramic and a member of the group.

Ursula: I tried putting myself a little into it. The person who's the character in the Hitman title. He's called "freedom fighter". He's typically an American or a Danish or western soldier, it isn't a freedom fighter. He's a Bush-man. You have to be as stupid as Bush to fight the evil by being this good.

Merete: But it doesn't have anything to do with the Iraq war. It really doesn't.

Ursula: Yes it does, it's a glorification of the good fighting the evil, right. In the most primitive way. If this isn't propaganda then what is? It's about form and contents and I can't vouch for the contents at all.

The outcome? Not a single item of multimedia design were included in the final package that the design expert group presented!

I don't get angry easily, but allowing people to judge something they are completely and utterly incompetent at judging really pisses me off. Instead of just keeping her ignorance to her self, she had to embarrass the viewers with the baffling display of obvious wrong facts about something she clearly knew nothing about.
I would have just laughed at it, had it not been important for the cultural development in Denmark and to what children are being taught in schools.
To me, this has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "kulturkanon" is totally worthless.

You can watch a video clip of the discussions here (about 24-32 minutes into the clip).

2nd Semester

I've started on my 2nd semester of computer science today, and happily left the first semester behind.
My three courses for the first quater of the year are the following:

mandag, januar 23, 2006

dBrugbarhed Passed!

The results are back from the most boring and useless course ever, dBrugbarhed (Usability, ironicly).

The grade is based on six group reports. Motivation was low and so is the grade, but I passed none the less! :)

{ 00 03 05 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 }

Only a few days until my Calculus 2 examn! Argh!